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100 Center Street

Transference – Cynthia/Olivia Benson, crossover with L&O:SVU, PG, March 2007

'Allo, 'Allo

I Like Berlin in June, How About You? – Gruber/Helga, (drabble), G, January 2008

The Latest Fashion – Helga/Herr Flick, (drabble), PG, December 2007

Band of Brothers

Déjà vu – Winters/Nixon, (drabble), G, December 2007

Eroica – Winters/Nixon (sort of), G, August 2005

Follow Me! – Winters/Nixon, G, March 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game - Sobel, crossover with A League of Their Own, G, February 2008

Big Love

For the Strength of Youth – Heather/Sarah, PG

Graduation Day – Heather/Sarah, (drabble), G, January 2008

She's Leaving Home – Teeney/Reggie Lass, futurefic, crossover with Dead Like Me, G, March 2007

Sister-Wife – Heather/Sarah, (drabble), PG, December 2007

The Will of Our Heavenly Father – Roman Grant, G, January 2008

The Bill

Had a Few – Gina/June, (drabble), G, January 2008

Just Visiting – Gina/Zoe Reynolds, crossover with Spooks, PG-13, April 2007

Lone Star, Where Are You Now? – Gina/Zoe Reynolds, x-over with Spooks, G, April 2007

Into the Sunset – Gina/June, PG, September 2007

Taking on the Troubles of the World - Ted Roach, G, October 2011

Through the Window, a Clear Grey Light – Gina/June, PG-13, April 2007


The ProposalBlackadder IV, Melchett/George, (drabble), G, December 2007

The Royal PrerogativeBlackadder II, Queenie/Bob, R, September 2007

Worst Case ScenarioBlackadder IV, crossover with House, (drabble), G, December 2007

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (aka CSI: Vegas)

The Hardest Thing - ensemble, gen, G, February 2008

Dead Like Me

Schadenfreude – crossover with A Prairie Home Companion, G, October 2006

She's Leaving Home – Reggie/Teeny Henrickson, futurefic, crossover with Big Love, G, March 2007

Don't Eat the Neighbours

Scripted – Fox/Wolf, (drabble), G, September 2003


The City of Brotherly Love (Is Back East) – Frasier & Niles, (drabble), G, January 2008

Therapy on the Run – Frasier, (drabble), G, January 2008

From the Earth to the Moon

Plain Vanilla Human Beans - Sam Seaborn & Toby Ziegler, crossover with The West Wing, G, March 2008

Roll with the Punches – Emmett Seaborn & Isaac Jaffee, crossover with Sports Night, G, March 2007

A World Event - Al Burnett, crossover with The Dish, G, March 2008


Bibliophilia (and other words Brittany doesn't know) - Brittany/Santana, R, September 2010, for [community profile] femslash10

Pianists of Few Words - Brad the pianist, Rawlf, crossover with The Muppet Show, G, Dec 2009

Grey's Anatomy

Like Rain on Your Wedding Day – Burke/Cristina, (drabble), G, January 2008

Nine Months of the Year – Bailey, (drabble), G, January 2008

Hill Street Blues

Against Expectations – Joyce Davenport, (drabble), G, January 2008

Defence Mechanism – Lucy Bates, (drabble), G, January 2008

One Night Stand of a Lifetime – Joyce/Frank, (drabble), PG, January 2008

Stand in the Falling Rain – Lucy & Kate McBride, G, April 2007

Hotel Babylon

Best Laid Plans – Jackie/Rebecca, R, March 2007

Gorgeous – Jackie/Zoe Reynolds, crossover with Spooks, PG13, December 2006

Temporary Accommodation – Jackie/Zoe Reynolds, x-over with Spooks, R, July 2007

House, MD

Balcony Scene – House/Wilson, (drabble), G, January 2008

A Course of Ancient Greek – House/Wilson, (drabble), G, December 2007

Worst Case Scenario – House, crossover with Blackadder IV, (drabble), G, December 2007


Incognito - Stacie/Zoe Reynolds, crossover with Spooks, G, April 2007

Not Our Type of Crew - gen, crossover with Angel, G, February 2008

Pragmatism – Stacie Munroe, G, February 2007

Tangled Up in Blue (and You) – Stacie/Zoe Reynolds, x-over with Spooks, hard R to NC-17, January 2008

Tumble and Fall – Stacie/Christine Dale, x-over with Spooks, PG, July 2006

Zephyr – Stacie/Zoe Reynolds, x-over with Spooks, PG, August 2007

Law and Order: Original Series

The New Guy, Lennie & ofc (written pre-Ed), G, August 1999

Law and Order: SVU

Closeted - Huang, Alex/Olivia, G, May 2004

Transference - Olivia/Cynthia Bennington, crossover with 100 Centre Street, PG, March 2007

The Alpha kai Omega stories

* Breathless, Alex/Olivia, PG-13, May 2004

* Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Elliot, Alex/Olivia, G, March 2007

* Little Black Dress, Alex/Olivia, PG, February 2004

* A Rainbow Shawl and a White Gold Ring, Alex/Olivia, G, March 2004


Future Imperfect - Hawkeye (Hawk/BJ plus implied Hawk/Hotlips, Hawk/Trapper), PG-13, Aug 09

Penance – Hawkeye, (drabble), PG, December 2007

MDA – Medical Defence Australia

Lines They Don't Understand – Ella/Abbey Bartlet, crossover with The West Wing, R, July 2005

Marking Her Territory – Caitlyn/Claudia, (drabble), G, January 2008

Plain and Yet Alluring – Caitlyn/Claudia, (drabble), low R, January 2008

Progeny – Caitlyn/Claudia, PG, March 2007

Starting Again – Caitlyn/Claudia, (drabble), PG, June 2005


What I Can, I Give Her - Morgana/Gwen, R, July 2008


Pianists of Few Words - Rawlf, Brad the pianist, crossover with Glee, G, Dec 2009

Pointless Chatter – Piggy & Janice, G, March 2007


Need to Know – Gibbs, Kate/Gina Toscano, crossover with The West Wing (sort of), G, March 2007

Sexual Preference – Kate/Gina Toscano, crossover with The West Wing, G, July 2006

Ørnen (The Eagle)

A Taste of Salt Air - Ruth Evershed/Ditte Hansen, x-over with Spooks, PG, November 2009

Press Gang

Crocodiles – Lynda, PG, April 2007 - warning for suicidal ideation.


Santa Claus on a Surfboard – Max/Laura


Boarding School Story - Lena/Roulette, explicit, November 2016

Welcome to Journalism - gen, Kara & Clark, G, October 2016

Yes, (Prime) Minister

Man Least Likely - gen, crossover with The West Wing, G, March 2008

Vale – Hacker/Appleby, G, March 2007


Bend it Like Beckham

Don't Think of an Elephant – Jess/Jules, PG, March 2007

Chicago (movie)

Top Hat, White Hat and Tails – Roxie/Velma, R, March 2007

The Devil Wears Prada

The Lady in 23B - Miranda Priestly, Angel Dumott Schunard, crossover with Rent, G, Sep 2010

The Dish

Soldier Come Back - Marie/Keith, G, March 2008

A World Event - Al Burnett, crossover with From the Earth to the Moon, G, March 2008

Down with Love

Subliminal Marketing – Barbara/Vicki, G, March 2007

Fried Green Tomatoes

And Your People Shall Be My People - Ruth/Idgie, G, December 2009

Dionysus' Kiss - Ruth/Idgie, PG, November 2009

Gosford Park

They'll Think You Don't Care – Denton, PG, March 2007

Worse Things Could Happen in Hollywood - crossover with Ballet Shoes, G, March 2009.

James Bond – Die Another Day

Black/White – Miranda/Verity, NC-17, September 2005

A League of their Own

One Day – Kit Keller, (drabble), G, December 2007

So Long, Charlie – May/Doris, G, March 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game - crossover with Band of Brothers, G, February 2008

Third Base Coach – Ellen Sue/Doris, G, February 2006

Love Actually

Dismantle the Sun – Headmistress/Geraldine, deleted scenes, G, February 2007

Roads Not Travelled - Harry/Karen, Harry/Mia, G, December 2009

Mona Lisa Smile

Calico Girl – Giselle/ofc, PG, February 2005

Enmity and Amity – Betty/Giselle, R, January 2006

Future Homemakers of America – Betty/Joan, Betty/Giselle, (drabble), PG, July 2006

The Girls in No. 8 - Betty/Giselle, crossover with Cherry Ames (Wells and Tatham) with a cameo from Worrals (W.E. Johns), G, March 2008

A Model Wellesley Girl – Connie, G, September 2006

Painting by Numbers – Nancy Abbey, (drabble), G, March 2004

Rehearsal Room – Connie, (drabble), G, January 2008

Second Choice – Connie/m, Connie/Giselle, Connie/Joan, PG, March 2004

Slippery Slope – Giselle, G, November 2005

Where the Heart Is – Betty/Giselle, (drabble), G, January 2008

A Prairie Home Companion

No Man Knows My History – Rhonda/ofc, G, March 2007

Schadenfreude – crossover with Dead Like Me, G, October 2006


Inexplicable – Hilary-Faye/Cassandra, PG, March 2007

St Trinians (2008)
Going the Distance - Kelly/Annabelle, PG, August 2009

Stage Door

Before – Jean/Annie, Jean/Kaye, Jean/Terry, G, August 2005

Calla Lillies – Jean/Annie, Jean/Kaye, Jean/Terry, G, November 2003

Henry, Henrietta – Eve, G, November 2003

Routine – Jean/Terry, (drabble), G, July 2006


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