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Sports Night

Everything Can Change (In a New York Minute) - Dan/Casey. PG. April 2007
A devastated Dan meant a late night at a bar.

Have not Saints Lips? - Dana/Natalie. G. July 2009
They were friends, and there was nothing odd about holding hands and comforting each other, and if Dana’s issues were trivial, Natalie’s were not.

Most Decidedly Out of the Country – Isaac. G. Drabble. January 2008

My Two Dads – Charlie McCall, Casey/Dan. G. Drabble. December 2007

Roll with the Punches - Isaac & Emmett Seaborn, crossover with From the Earth to the Moon. G. March 2007.
"I'm telling you Isaac, it never would have happened in our day."

Tennis-Playing Boyfriend – Natalie. G. Drabble. January 2008

The West Wing

The Beat of a Different Drum - Will, Elsie. G. Immediately post "Inauguration -- Over There". May 2005.
‘You wouldn’t dance with me when we won the 47th and now you’ve just written the biggest and best speech of your life. Dance with me!’

Casual Sex - Mallory/Zoey. R. June 2004
Their relationship has to end.

Chiefs of Staff - Josh/Donna. G. Drabble. Post-series. December 2007
They ate together.

The Country for Which it Stands - Ensemble. G. December 2002
The trade talks would never have been the big story of the news cycle, but with a shooting in Apple Valley and a Federal Court ruling on the Pledge of Allegiance, no one would want to know about Australian–US trade statistics.

Crimes against Humanity - Leo. G. Episode addition to "War Crimes" (3.5). August 2002.
In his dreams, the plane swooped low to the ground, and he could see their faces as he shot at them.

Dancing in the Shadows - CJ Cregg/Tara Maclay. G. Crossover with BtVS. February 2006
Tara will only ever know how grateful she is that it all happened.

Dangerous Items Include... - Josh, Donna. G. Drabble. July 2003
"Are you a suspected terrorist now"?

Eighteen Minutes - Ensemble. G. A 9/11 story. September 2002
When Leo McGarry’s cellphone rang, it was a pleasant sunny Tuesday morning in Florida.

Fashion Week - CJ Cregg/Tara Maclay. Low R. Crossover with BtVS. January 2006
Tara watches CJ get dressed in the morning, and fantasises about the evening.

The Habit of a Lifetime - Arnold Vinick. G. Drabble. January 2008.
He carried a photo of his wife in his briefcase.

Janus - Abbey. G. Spoilers through "Jefferson Lives". January 2006
Introspection caught up with her.

Lines They Don't Understand - Abbey/Ella. R. Crossover with MDA. July 2005.
She was never sure, thinking about it later through the mists of half-memory, half-fantasy, how the conversation had begun.

Looking Back, Moving On (the Reality Check remix) - CJ/Abbey. R. For [community profile] remix_redux, remix of Reality by [personal profile] bluflamingo. April 2007.
It's natural for CJ and Dr Bartlet to drift together after campaign functions, or so CJ tells herself.

Moments, Brief and Precious - Charlie, Emily. G. Episode addition for "The Red Mass". May 2003
Emotions are fleeting, here.

Need to Know - Gina Toscano/Kate Todd. Crossover with NCIS. G. March 2007
Kate Todd lives her life on a need-to-know basis.

The Nightmare Scenario - CJ Cregg. G. March 2007.
Five press briefings CJ never delivered. AUs, obviously.

Observations from an Omniscient Point of View - Carol/Christine Dale. R. Crossover with Spooks. May 2006.
The participants may think that they are focused solely on each other, but their pasts will surely return to haunt them.

On the Trail - Will. G. Drabble. December 2007
There are boxes still unpacked.

The One - Simon/CJ. G. Drabble. January 2008
He knew that he'd found Her.

Our Last Days of Silence - Will/Kate. G. Post-series, full spoilers. August 2007.
So here he is, alone in an hotel room, staring at the phone that he is convinced is staring back at him accusingly.

Peniel - the President. PG 13. Episode addition to "Holy Night" (s4). June 2003.
Jacob wrestled with God at Peniel.

Progression - Mallory O'Brien/Mandy Hampton. R. March 2005.
She recognises the way Mandy smiles.

Reputation - CJ/Tara. G. Crossover with BtVS. December 2005.
She'd never asked to have a reputation for problematic relationships.

Sexual Preference - Gina Toscano/Caitlin Todd. G. Crossover with NCIS. Drabble. July 2006
Women prefer their own bed.

Single-Minded Determination - Rhonna. G. Drabble. December 2007
"All my friends are here."

Trio in the Key of E Minor (the bluenote remix) - CJ/Toby, Andi/Toby. G. For [profile] remixredux, remix of One Drink Too Many (and a joke gone too far) by [profile] intl_princess. April 2005.
She used to be invincible.

Vignettes from a Charlie Young Christmas - Charlie/Zoey. G. December 2003
There were many things in the West Wing that were Charlie’s job. This was not one of them.

What Really Matters - CJ/Tara. G. Crossover with BtVS. Drabble. January 08
Each invitation had been sent knowing that it was a poisoned chalice.


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