Apr. 24th, 2012

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Day 3: A female character you hated but grew to love

I can't with all honesty say I've never hated a female character - I've hated plenty. Seven of Nine (Voyager), Rebecca Duvall (Smash), Ros Meyers (Spooks) to name a few.

Besides, this is a *a* female character I hated but grew to love, not my favorite first-hated-but-then-loved character. There are two definite characters worth naming here: Amy Gardiner (West Wing) and Fiona Carter (Spooks). As much as I didn't want to repeat fandoms during this meme, I've already mentioned Spooks, and no doubt West Wing will turn up again, after all it's only day 3.

That said, I suspect that I love my personal fanon version of Fiona Carter more than the actual canon version. For starters, my fanon version ditches Adam Carter and runs off with Zoe (in those universes where Zoe isn't with Tessa, anyway) and actually cares about her son's wellbeing.

So I think it's going to be Amy Gardiner. The character whom - she has just reminded me - my GF detests. It's not that I'm not a Josh/Donna shipper. I mostly am. I'm mostly not an Amy/Josh shipper. In fact I'm more of an Amy/Donna shipper, but that's just me. But I love Amy. It took a while, but I love Amy. I even love her cutting the phone line and throwing Josh's cell into the spaghetti sauce {cue yet another disagreement on that topic with aforementioned GF}.

On the one hand how could I ever not love someone with Amy's original job - a lobbyist for pseudo-radical feminist causes? Who launches water balloons out the window at Josh? Who refuses to budge from her position despite all Josh's attempts?

So yeah, I adore Amy. Her push and pull with Donna (hence the shipping); her advice to the First Lady, her nuttiness. And yeah, Mary-Louise Parker is cute. And also hot. ~shrug~ That's a good enough reason, right? :-)

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