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Sep. 17th, 2017 07:30 pm
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{A Little Lily Princess}
- Servant Girl by rosehiptea Sara/Becky . **Off LJ Links**

{Battlestar Galactica}
- Rough & Bruised & Turnabout’s Fair Play & Sheer Physical Exhaustion by madampresident -Laura Roslin/Helena Cain .

- Hard To Know by bithgreene -Hayes/Tess .

{DC Universe}
- The High Road by katleept -Ivy/Harley (Batman) .
- Never Vanilla by swan_secrets -Barbara/Tabitha (Gotham).

{Devil Wears Prada}
- HowlAudreyDeux Miranda/Andy **Off LJ Links**
- Irma Distract Youlears_daughter Miranda/Andy
- Paris TimeAFey Miranda/Andy **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 1 of Old Dog, New Tricksgrriliketigers Jane Adler/Miranda Priestly, Miranda Priestly/Andy Sachs (XO It's Complicated) **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 18-19 of Letters To The EditorTeenyBirdy Miranda/Andy **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 6 of SabotageBmce Miranda/Andy **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 25 of Opening of HeartsCharlottePriestly Miranda/Andy **Off LJ Links**

- destiny by write_x_always -Ariel/Mulan .
- Sunset Witness by katleept -Beauty and the Beast/The Little Mermaid .
- Her Fortune Intact by katleept -Esmeralda/Jasmine .
- Surprising Destiny by katleept -Mulan/Ariel .

{Game of Thrones}
- Clash by bithgreene -Arya/Daenerys .

{Golden Girls}
- Southern Paradise by katleept -Blanche/Dorothy .

{Good Place, The}
- Loopholes by fresh_brainss -Eleanor Shellstrop/Tahani Al-Jamil .

{Harry Potter}
- Sexy White Socks by alisanne -Hermione Granger/Ginny Weasley .
- Hiding by digthewriter -Ginny/Hermione .

{Joss verse}
- como lutar, como dançarOdd_Ellie Buffy/Faith (BtVS) **Off LJ Links**
- Better Cover Up by katleept -Faith/Dawn .
- No Better Way To Spend An Evening by the_wiggins -Anya/Darla (BtVS) .
- First Kissfouralarmfireinanoilrefinery Buffy/Faith
- Chapter 2 of Time After TimeCapturetheFinnick Tara/Willow (BtVS) **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 2-8 of Goodbye Yellow Brick Roadsteeleye Cordelia/Faith (BtVS) **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 61 of Second Chances: Season 6chadmaako Faith/Tara/Willow (BtVS) **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 3 of Finding You, Finding Me, Finding USDaBillmann Buffy/Faith (BtVS) **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 37 of She Who Was My LoveForgotten Conscience Faith/Buffy (BtVS) **Of LJ Links**
- Chapter 3 of Beginning of the EndGuitar Grrrl Faith/Willow (BtVS) **Off LJ Links**

{Marvel Cinematic Universe}
- Moving Forward by katleept -Shadowcat/Prestige, Colossus/Shadowcat (XMen) .
- Gone Forever by katleept -Prestige/Shadowcat, Nightcrawler/Prestige . (X-Men)

{Modern Family}
- Beige by madampresident -Claire/Gloria .

- Twice by doctorkaitlyn Alice/Hermione - .

- certain things that should be left unsaidkadma Ember Moon / Asuka **Off LJ Links**

{Sabrina, The Teenage Witch}
- Almost Like Magic by katleept -Libby/Sabrina .

- tw100 - Challenge 465: Motive
- femslash100 - Challenge 564: Kink
- femslash_minis - Round 149 Masterlist: Anya
- passion_perfect - Multi Femslash Big Bang
- [community profile] femslashficlets- Challenge #124 - curve

Multi-femslash Big Bang

Sep. 14th, 2017 06:09 pm
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Welcome to the first year of wlwbigbang!

At this point writer sign ups are closed, but artist sign ups are open until October 5th 2017.

Sign Up | Challenge Info | Schedule | Contact

Challenge Overview:

This is a big bang challenge for the sapphics, celebrating femslash pairings across many different fandoms. The main ones are RWBY, Star Trek, and Supergirl, plus more than ten others fandoms.

Authors have to write a minimum of 10,000 words, while artists have to create at least one piece based on the fic they claimed. Various types of art are allowed, including traditional and digital art, graphics, gifsets, moodboards, fanvideos, and fanmixes.

Fics and art pieces are due in late November.

Please check our tumblr, or our our livejournal for more information and specifics.

4 SEPT - 10 SEPT

Sep. 10th, 2017 08:40 pm
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Posted by kidmarathon

{American Horror Story}
- Radiance by templefugate -Ethel/Elsa .

{Carol (2015) Price of Salt}
- Chapter 32-33 of Mind The GapMumuration77 Carol/therese, Cate Blanchette/Rooney Mara **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 5 of Let Me Tell You5c4r13tt Carol/Therese **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 2 of Through the StormHeartonmysleeve Carol/Therese **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 24 of There's Always A Costcalliesghost Carol Aird/Therese Belivet **Off LJ Links**

- Nature vs Nurture by templefugate -Barbara Gordon/Pamela Isley .

{Devil Wears Prada}
- Show MeJassific Miranda/Andy **Off LJ Links**
- The Gamejazwriter Miranda/Andy **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 17 of Letters to the Editorteenybirdy Miranda/Andy **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 1-2 of Caughtrebellious_sheep Miranda/Andy **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 14-15 of Miranda's Guilty Pleasureteenybirdy Miranda/Andy **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 1 of The Blind WomanVixanator Miranda/Andy **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 8 of Disarming Athenapolitic_x Miranda/Andy **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 9 of Something Blueesteoflorien Miranda/Andy **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 46 of A Flawed Fragility by theladyholl -Miranda/Andy
- Chapter 1-2 of Diabolical aka The Light at the End of the Tunnel by madampresident -Miranda/Andy .
- Chapter 1 of Take Me To The Riverspacedmuch Miranda/Andy **Off LJ Links**

- Impulse by madamepresident -Sister Aloysius/Sister James .
- Love Letter by madampresident -Sister Aloysius/Sister James .
- Gravitation by madampresident -Sister Aloysius/Sister James .

{Handmaid's Tale, The}
- a shadow bright and burning by write_x_always -Emily/Moira .

{Joss verse}
- 1+1+1buffylovesfaith Buffy/Faith/Tara (btVS) **Off LJ Links**
- Faith's Haircutanythingbutgrey Buffy/Faith (BtVS) **Off LJ Links**
- Picture A Perfect Picturea_mi_zivi Willow/Faith (BtVS) **Off LJ Links**
- it wasn't till I looked into the mirror (denial)a_mi_zivi Willow?Faith (BtVS) **Off LJ Links**
- You're Just a Step on the Boss Man's Ladderpunch_kicker15 Darla/Anyanka (BtVS) (ATS) **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 1 of Time After TimeCapturetheFinnick Buffy/Faith (BtVS) **Off LJ LInks**
- Chapter 21 of Dawn and the Splendiferous, Sublime Glorificus Willy-Wanka Dawn/Glory (BtVS) **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 8 of Be Heldmyth_taken Faith/Buffy (BtVS) **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 9 of Buffy: Bitchseriousish Buffy/Willow (BtVS) **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 36 of She who Was My LoveForgotten Conscience (Faith/Buffy (BtVS) **Off LJ Links**
- Chapter 1 of Goodbye Yellow Brick Roadsteeleye Cordelia/Faith (BtVS) (xo Wizard of Oz)**Off LJ Links**

{Marvel Verse}
- One Day by reinadefuego -Emma/Jean (X Men)

- Túce Hwón Frec Ðu by agirlnamedtruth -Morgana/Sophia .
- If You Go Into The Woods Tonight by agirlnamedtruth -Morgana/The Bastet(Freya).
- These Little Battle Scars by agirlnamedtruth -Morgana/Gwen .
- Angilde by agirlnamedtruth -Morgana/Gwen .

{Once Upon a Time}
- Crowns Fit For a Swanevergrove Regina Mills/Emma Swan **Off LJ Links**

{Pokémon X and Y}
- The Perfect Moment by [personal profile] rosehiptea- Shauna/Serena.

- ride into the bluekadma Billie Kaye/Peyton Royce (WWE)

{Rizzoli & Isles}
- Chapter 15 of Secret AdversaryVelvet95 Maura Isles/Jane Rizzoli **Off LJ Links**

- Mirror Image by doctorkaitlyn -Camilla/Clary .

{Star Trek: Voyager}
- Chapter 8 of USS ChallengerQuerion Janeway/Seven of Nine **Off LJ Links**

- femslash100 - Challenge 563 - Illusion
- yuletide_admin - Nominations 2017
- [community profile] femslashficlets- Challenge #123 - work


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