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During our MICF adventures, the GF and I went to FanFiction Comedy, an hour-long laugh-fest during which four young Kiwi comedians and invited guests wrote and read out their fan fiction offerings to a rather fannish audience.

On the night we attended, we had:

An Australian AU of the Babysitters Club, featuring Crystal, Sophie and Stacey, by Kate McLennan

The Famous Five grew up (all the way to the nursing home), by Heidi O'Loughlin

Entourage RPF by a random Kiwi boy (Joseph Moore)

A smidgeon of supposedly "Paranormal Activity" fic by the other random Kiwi boy (Tom Furniss), and

The most entirely awesome fic of the night, the Grand Designs/Bob the Builder (Kevin McCloud/Wendy) crossover, featuring cameo appearances by Postman Pat, Bananas in Pyjamas, Playschool, and the Teletubbies. Rated R. I'm tweeting at Cal Wilson (the author) until she agrees to post it.

IF YOU ARE IN MELBOURNE -- you REALLY ought to go see their show, because it is honestly awesome, even if the incredibly awesome Rose thinks that is "the place to go" for fic. (I was sitting in the front row muttering "pit of voles, pit of voles". The girl next to me (that wasn't my GF, she was on my other side) laughed and nodded.
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Dear fellow Aussies...

Is it me, or does Yvonne Atkins look like Pauline Hanson?

And does that not give me an automatic license to abhor....
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How much fic could come out of the Dowager Countess's line "Will there ever be a day that does not involve fighting with an American?"

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Okay, first off, yay for the 'edit tags' function that got added to AO3 on the most recent update! Especially since this morning, while procrastinating, I was uploading various Malory Towers fics and decided that a) I needed a 'special friends' tag, and b) that a bunch of previously uploaded fics also needed to be tagged as 'special friends'. It's been fun, looking through the various 'special friends-y' type fandoms and deciding where the line is between tagging for s/f, s/f and femslash, and just femslash. I haven't quite got that one sorted out yet.

I have signed up for Remix Redux 8, and in the process been reminded that I had a "challenges" index on [ profile] sangerin and that I should update that at some stage once I transfer it over here. Also, I qualified in both Abbey Girls and Malory Towers, and I would *love* to get a fic in either of those to remix, so if you write in either fandom, please think about signing up (and offering those as one of the ones you can write in?

I've also posted what's been written of "Ellerton Hall" to AO3, although under flock (or rulock?), and will also eventually do so with "Michelle of Min-y-Mor". Both of those I do intend to finish (at some point). Really.

Must stop procrastinating and get back to my assignment. Sigh.

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