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Random realisation : I keep forgetting to tag my fics on AO3 as femslash (in "additional tags") because almost everything I write IS femslash. And yet, I will search the archive using that tag when I want to *find* the f/f.

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Apr. 17th, 2011 11:08 pm
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So, there's that AO3 meme.

1. And Your People Shall Be My People, Fried Green Tomatoes, Ruth/Idgie, Yuletide 2009 - 1073 hits

2. Going the Distance, St Trinians 2008, Kelly/Annabelle, - 460 hits

3. The Chalet School and Fazia, Chalet School/Sadlers Wells, Gen - 397 hits

4. Bibliophilia (And other words Brittany doesn't know), Glee, Brittany/Santana, Femslash 10 - 336 hits

5. You can't take the sky from me, Firefly, Zoe/Wash, Malcolm/River Remix 2010 - 247 hits

By which it may be shown... that in terms of reader numbers, I totally benefit from ficathons. Also, FGT is popular. (No. 6 is also Ruth/Idgie).

I've been back-uploading Spooksfic to AO3 today: apologies to those who have subscribed to me.
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Okay, first off, yay for the 'edit tags' function that got added to AO3 on the most recent update! Especially since this morning, while procrastinating, I was uploading various Malory Towers fics and decided that a) I needed a 'special friends' tag, and b) that a bunch of previously uploaded fics also needed to be tagged as 'special friends'. It's been fun, looking through the various 'special friends-y' type fandoms and deciding where the line is between tagging for s/f, s/f and femslash, and just femslash. I haven't quite got that one sorted out yet.

I have signed up for Remix Redux 8, and in the process been reminded that I had a "challenges" index on [ profile] sangerin and that I should update that at some stage once I transfer it over here. Also, I qualified in both Abbey Girls and Malory Towers, and I would *love* to get a fic in either of those to remix, so if you write in either fandom, please think about signing up (and offering those as one of the ones you can write in?

I've also posted what's been written of "Ellerton Hall" to AO3, although under flock (or rulock?), and will also eventually do so with "Michelle of Min-y-Mor". Both of those I do intend to finish (at some point). Really.

Must stop procrastinating and get back to my assignment. Sigh.

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AO3 update

Nov. 17th, 2009 07:58 pm
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I have completed uploading three fandoms worth of fics to my account, and no, they were not all single-fic fandoms. (Only one was.) Plus I have uploaded random other fics as well. Sadly my penchant for em-dashes is interfering with the upload facility (it's my second-favourite punctuation mark after the semi-colon - which I have been known to use correctly in text messages, according to [ profile] kannaophelia), and between that and my tendency to not set out [ profile] 40fandoms posts with proper headers...

oh, yeah, and the 360-odd fics and drabbles to post...

... it's going to take a while.


I've volunteered to be a tag wuzzle wrangler (see below). What can I say, metadata fascinates me. Especially when I don't have to write assignments about it.

Meanwhile, some posts of interest:

[personal profile] zvi's post on wuzzles. (You may know them as tags.) She makes the fabulous point that the curated folksonomy concept that AO3 is going with is kinda unique. Which is why I mentioned it in one of my metadata-related module answers. And how much do I love the term "curated folksonomy? /geek-moment.

An awesome tag/wuzzle wrangling post by [personal profile] damned_colonial

[personal profile] facetofcathy's post on AO3 Tags and Warnings

And for further browsing, [personal profile] cesy's collection of links to posts on the Open Beta so far.
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Wheee! I have an AO3 account!

So far I have uploaded three Abbey Girls stories, and fixed the headers on only one (and I don't think the fix took) so I don't suggest that you go rushing over to look.

But still, whee!


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