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Acacia - G; December '99 (Janeway/Chakotay)
The black seeds were a stark contrast to the pale dust they lay on. Slowly, by pushing the seeds into lines, the sharp ends against the broader ones, or side by side, Kathryn began to draw.

After the Ancient Legend - R; February '01 (Janeway/Chakotay)
Days ago, I watched from the woods…

Ashes of Soldiers – R; February ’04 (Janeway/Paris, Janeway/Chakotay, other potential pairings implied)
“Give me exhaustless, make me a fountain//That I exhale love from me wherever I go like a moist perennial dew,//For the ashes of all dead soldiers South or North.” - Walt Whitman, “Ashes of Soldiers” (1865)

    As Way Leads On To Way - PG; December '09 (Chakotay/Paris)
    If not for all these things, perhaps he would never have seen Tom again.

Between Scylla and Charybdis – R; crossover with Firefly; April 2006 (B'Elanna/Zoe Allayne)
It doesn’t matter who’s sharing your foxhole as long as they shoot true.

Betweentimes - G; February '00 (Janeway/Chakotay)
Candlelight seems appropriate, for the first time ever.

Beyond the Farthest Star… - PG; February '02 (Janeway/Chakotay über)
The coffee machine hissed and spluttered, and Chuck got up to go and collect the coffee. The cups, Jenni noticed, came from a neatly arranged cupboard, and before he brought the cups back to where they were sitting, Chuck wiped the spills off the bench. Definitely gay.

Child in My Arms – G; March '03 (Janeway/Chakotay)
She was so small, so fragile. I looked at her in amazement – her existence seemed a miracle.

A Christmas Qarol - G; Posted November '01 (Janeway/Chakotay)
'Since when did you turn into Ebeneezer Scrooge?' Chakotay asked.

La Clemenza di Caterina - PG13; May - July '99 (Janeway/Chakotay, AU)
At the beginning of the whole hellish experience, the Captain had taken him under her wing, in a way - protected him, befriended him. Could he really betray her like that?

Commander Chakotay's Thanksgiving - G; November '99 (Janeway/Chakotay)
‘Thanksgiving is a day you should spend with your relatives – and you’re the closest thing I’ve got,‘ Chakotay told Kathryn. (Based on Barbara Williams, Chester Chipmunk’s Thanksgiving (1979))

The Denver Collection

  • Denver Dreaming - PG; June '99: It’s by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done/to be so in love with you, and so alone (Follow Me – John Denver)

  • Paka and Pop - G; January '00: ‘Mama was telling me about Gran’pa Edward. Tell me about Paka, Daddy!’

  • Message Received - G; May '99: He looked back at the console, the incomplete command flashing at him patiently. Distrust spread across his face. For a moment he thought that he would never check his messages again.

  • Message Understood - G; August '99: Denver could tell when the air grew chill from a disagreement, and she would creep to the stairs to listen. She didn’t like to be left out.

  • Djapana - G; February '01: Watching the waves roll in is like meditation - there is a steady noise to listen to, a rhythm - and you can be caught up in it, like in a trance.

  • Sink or Swim - G; August '00: I didn't know how to tell one particular person what it was I had decided to do with my life.

Devoured by Dinosaur – G; July ’01 (Kashyk), crackfic
Thank you very much, sir,’ he said. ‘You will receive clearance to leave and your Immigration records within the next few minutes.’

Devoured by Dinosaur: Australian Version – G; July ’01 (Kashyk), possibly even crackier fic
Kashyk stared at the official, but shrugged his shoulders. ‘It is the alpha quadrant after all,’ he said. ‘I should have expected barbarism.’

Double Trouble - PG; July '02 (Janeway/Chakotay, MU) Written with [profile] magratj
Kit was the first to speak. "Well, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore." Tilly glared at her. "Call me Toto, and I swear I will kill you."

Final Moments - G; April '01 (Janeway/Chakotay)
Her books, her coffee set, her plants - all the trinkets and knick-knacks that have filled her shelves are ready for transport. The shelves are empty, her desk, save for the built in monitor, is bare.

From the Notebook of Captain Frank Miller, US Army - PG; February '02 (Janeway/Chakotay "The Killing Game" über)
Her club is red velvet and white silk, and a poster-blonde singing our songs to the Krauts.

For the Families - PG; Deep Space Nine/Voyager, February '01
‘Major,’ Sisko asked. ‘Where the hell are we?’ With amazement in her voice, Kira replied from her station. ‘From these readings, it would appear we are in the Delta Quadrant – approximately 65,000 light years away from Earth.’’

Gentlemen Prefer Borg - PG; February '01 (Chakotay/f)
There were times when the thought was…attractive. Compelling. Overwhelming, even. But every time I came close, there would be a blonde, waltzing into the ready room or otherwise into our lives.

The Gift of the Mahj - G; November '99 (Janeway/Chakotay)
It wasn’t the way you would choose to spend Christmas. Stranded on a planet in the middle of the Delta Quadrant, probably for the rest of their lives.

Home – G; February ’04 (Chakotay/Seven, Janeway/Chakotay)
Now, so many years later, so much having happened, he was walking up the avenue because he couldn’t think of anything else to do or anywhere else to go.

Homesickness (Time Measured in Teaspoons) – PG; April '06 (Janeway/Chakotay)
Time moves on, teaspoonful by teaspoonful. (Remix of "Homesickness" by [profile] iamsab)

The Inevitable Question – G; December '07 (Paris)
My name is not now, nor has it ever been, Nicholas Locarno!

Inspirations - G; May '00 (Janeway)
‘As there happens to be a spare holodeck, and I happen to have a new holoprogram, I think I’ll take advantage of all that happenstance.’

Inspirations II: To Be Called Katherine - G; April '01 (Janeway)
There’s some pretty cool Catherines (and Katherines and Kathryns) out there. Who knows? Maybe there’s something special about us Kates.

...Is Lost - PG; June '00 (Janeway/Kashyk)
No Devore would smuggle telepaths. No Devore would dare. But these gaharay seem fearless - or else lacking intelligence on a grand scale.

Leonard and the Purple Bathrobe - PG13; June '00 (Janeway/Chakotay)
'Damn,' said Chakotay. ‘I’ve left my bathrobe in your quarters again.’

Little Kathryn - G; May '99 (Janeway/Chakotay)
“Kathryn klein, ging allein, in der weite Welt hinein.” (Little Kathryn went out alone into the wide, wide world.)

Luck of the Irish – G; May ’02 (Janeway/Chakotay potential)
‘And where are you bound this grand morning, Captain?’

Market Street - G; March '01 (Janeway)
Her old table was still there, almost as though it had been waiting for her.

Moving On – G; Deep Space Nine, (drabble) January '08 (Jake Sisko)
He doesn't want to leave.

Night Thoughts - G; June '99 (Janeway)
I sit in silence until the darkness and the stillness oppress me too much. Then I play Beethoven and Mahler, and the walls shake.

Night Thoughts II: Silence - G; June '00 (Janeway)
Silence agrees with the loudest voice: Silence breathes softly, lives softly, dies softly.

Not Wanted - G; May '00 (Janeway/Kashyk, Janeway&Chakotay)
She lay back in the bathtub, letting the hot water flow over her, imagining she could feel the steam opening her pores. She shut her eyes, no longer trying to avoid the images of the last few days. Not surprisingly, most of those images centred on Kashyk.

One Kiss Too Many? - PG-13; November '99 (Janeway/Chakotay)
'I'm sorry, Commander, but I have to inform you that a serious…altercation…has broken out in the holodeck.’ (An addition to Sue Stilwell's Halloween story "Bats, Ghosts and Halloween Kisses".)

Old Brush and Broken Canvas – G; May '06 (Janeway/Chakotay)
He was a little heavier and greyer at the temples than when they had first met, but then, so was she.

One Big Happy – G; April 07 (Janeway)
Five things Kathryn Janeway misses about the Delta Quadrant

Outside Looking In - G; February '01 (Janeway/?)
All she could do was stare out at the stars, averting her eyes from the planet still below them. ‘There was nothing I could do,’

Press Cuttings - G; January '00 (Janeway/Chakotay)
Rumors have reached these ears of a romance or two among the recently returned Voyager crew. Sources close to Captain Kathryn Janeway say that she and former Maquis First Officer Chakotay have traveled together to the Janeway home in Indiana.

Prism – PG; Deeps Space Nine + Susan Wright's The Best and the Brightest; March '07 (Ezri Dax/Moll Enor/Jadzia Dax)
The self spiralling inward, subject and object tangled in confusion.

Reflection – PG; Deep Space Nine; June '06; MU (Kira/Intendant Kira)
Everyone knew about the doppelgangers.

Steel Down My Spine – R; August '05 (Janeway/Borg Queen)
She dreams of metal, sharp and cold against her skin and running down her spine.

Summer Rose - G; December '99 (post Janeway/Chakotay)
The soil gives nourishment to the flower, but the flower gives little but its beauty back. It’s a parasitic relationship, and anything but mutually beneficial.

Tea for Two – G; February ’04 (Janeway&Chakotay)
She worked each day at HQ, and returned each evening to her veranda over the Pacific Ocean and the solitude of a white wicker chair, a red summer sunset, and the warning creak of a rickety step when someone came to visit.

Terminal - G; May '00 (Janeway&Chakotay)
Despite her exhaustion her eyes shone, her pale skin gleamed, and her smile lit up the building. His head bent down to say something in her ear, and she laughed up at him in reply.

Too Close To Home - G; June '00 (Janeway/Mark, Janeway/Chakotay)
Despite everything – principles, better judgment, all that stuff – I’m scared out of my wits.

Too Darn Hot - PG; September '99 (Chakotay/Kellin, Janeway/Chakotay)
A happy first officer is an efficient first officer. And an efficient first officer means a happy ship - or should. So, that is all I care about. A happy crew.

'Twas the Night before 'Coda' - G; May '99 (Janeway/Chakotay)
It looked as though it would be an interesting night. Harry was going to play the Clarinet, Tuvok was telling Vulcan stories, and the final act certainly looked intriguing – Kathryn Janeway, dancing ‘The Dying Swan.’

...Unforgettable, Too - G; June '99 (Chakotay/Kellin, Janeway/Chakotay)
All his bravado slipped away when he saw her curled up on the sofa, crying. He’d never actually seen Kathryn cry before, and the sight of it cut him to the heart.

The Returning Saga

NOTE: This series diverges from canon between the end of "Memorial" and the beginning of "Tsunkatse."

This is a WIP, currently stalled.

Part One - Never to Return – G; August '99
Rather than asking endlessly for reports, Janeway had tied her own console into B’Elanna’s, and at each Klingon curse her eyes would flick to the list of failing systems. Chakotay, meanwhile, was monitoring everything else on the ship – or so it seemed to him. Even Neelix was sending morale reports every few hours, reports that Chakotay could do without. Because they all said the same thing – the crew was under stress.

    Companion Story: Fish Gotta Swim… - G
    It had been a long time since Kit had gone swimming. She could feel it in her muscles as she stretched out her arms, stroking through the water. (An additional vignette, but not part of the Saga proper.)

Part Two - Transfig-Q-ration – PG; November '99
‘Always questions, Kathy! Can’t you just accept the ways of the universe?’ All Q received from Janeway was a frosty glare. ‘By the way, I was interested to hear that you and Chuckles here finally worked out your…differences. Only think, Kathy,’ he moved to Kathryn’s side and lifted her chin with one finger, ‘You could have had me.’

Part Three - Trial Separation - PG, July '00
In the viewport hung the prize Captain Janeway had been chasing for ten years. In front of her stood Admiral Rabb reading a list of those crew members who were to be placed under arrest for terrorist activities.

Part Four - Entanglement – PG; November ‘00
‘Chakotay, you need a swift kick up the rear end.’

Part Five - Alienation – G; Feb '01
Neither Neelix nor M’Bai were permitted by Starfleet to leave San Francisco, let alone Earth. They were ‘aliens’, even to the cosmopolitan Federation, and Starfleet obviously didn’t trust them.

Part Six - Reunions - PG; Sept '01
If B'Elanna could bury herself in conduit repairs and requisitions for new parts, it might be possible to forget the last three months since Harry had discovered the wormhole.

Part Seven - Rational Thought – G; Dec '01
‘I am returning from more than a decade of absence,’ said Tuvok. ‘I have been through experiences unique from those of any other Vulcan. It is not unreasonable to assume that these experiences may have changed me in some ways.’

Part Eight - Adjustments – G; June '02
For the first time in the ten years since Kes had convinced the Captain to allow an adjustment to his programming, the EMH was once again reduced to parroting ‘please state the nature’ every time he was activated.


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