Apr. 17th, 2011 11:08 pm
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So, there's that AO3 meme.

1. And Your People Shall Be My People, Fried Green Tomatoes, Ruth/Idgie, Yuletide 2009 - 1073 hits

2. Going the Distance, St Trinians 2008, Kelly/Annabelle, - 460 hits

3. The Chalet School and Fazia, Chalet School/Sadlers Wells, Gen - 397 hits

4. Bibliophilia (And other words Brittany doesn't know), Glee, Brittany/Santana, Femslash 10 - 336 hits

5. You can't take the sky from me, Firefly, Zoe/Wash, Malcolm/River Remix 2010 - 247 hits

By which it may be shown... that in terms of reader numbers, I totally benefit from ficathons. Also, FGT is popular. (No. 6 is also Ruth/Idgie).

I've been back-uploading Spooksfic to AO3 today: apologies to those who have subscribed to me.
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Written for me in [community profile] femslash10.

Title: Scenes of Indelicacy
Author: ALC Punk/[ profile] lyssie
Fandom: Spooks
Pairing: Ruth/Zoe
Rating: R/NC17 for language and sexual situations.
Summary: It is what it is, and Ruth doesn't allow herself any illusions.

I so rarely dare to request Spooks, in part because I'm always behind in canon. But I'm so very glad I did this time. [ profile] lyssie has written gorgeous, gritty, angsty, hurty old-School Spooks femslash, while giving nods to Ruth/Harry and the general tangle that are relationships on that show. It's an awesome pieces, and if you like Spooks, you should all go read it. Especially you, [personal profile] melwil!
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Created using the Fanfiction Header Builder
Title: Bibliophilia (and other words Brittany doesn't know)
Author: [personal profile] sangerin
Fandom: Glee
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Brittany/Santana
Warning(s): none required, beyond Vague spoilers through "Laryngitis"
Summary: Brittany has a library fetish. Santana is puzzled, but it's not like she cares.

Read "Bibliophilia (and other words Brittany doesn't know)"


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