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Lookit my icon! Lookit my icon!

Also lookit this...

I did it! I did it!

(Actual commentary coming later...)

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So - how much is Seven of Nine dominating my NaNo?

That would be... this much:

Wordle: Sangerin NaNo 40k

(This is on the basis of my 40k compilation, done earlier today. I'm now at 44,129.
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When I get to December, I'm going to post about what I've learned about my writing process from this whole venture, and what I've learned about my writing process and NaNo.

But for now, let me just share with you that I'm at 39,802 words (winning is still possible!), but more to the point, what I'm writing at the moment is NC17 Janeway/Seven, with more than a hint of kink. Who am I, and what happened to the normal [personal profile] sangerin? (Must be that NaNo Insanity they talk about.)

Just 10,258 words to go...

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- My NaNo is past the 35k mark. I'm feeling as though winning is possible, despite the mocking of all those purple Winner bars on the site (they're worse than the green ones. By a lot). But I'm going to spend my 750 words right now writing my Yuletide letter, because its absence was noted. (Oops). And then I'll get back to writing the Seven of Nine story that is threatening to take over the earth. (You'd never believe she's my least favourite character.)

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I've caught up to last Friday. Aaand, I'm hoping to get to 22000 before I go to bed tonight. It's a real bugger when you get sick for five days in the middle of November, especially when you were already behind to begin with!

In terms of story progress:

Tom's chapter, "Pater Familias" is fully drafted! It doesn't entirely make sense (given that I discovered at the last minute that he and his father were actually still at daggers drawn at that point, rather than nicely reconciled as I'd thought. (This is the problem with continuing a complex-structured story that you last worked on eight years ago.)

Seven's chapter is turning into two, because despite being the reason I haven't worked on this for eight years, she seems to have decided that she gets to hog the limelight. And there's way too much tell and not enough show in her chapter as it is.

Kit, meanwhile, is acting *very* out of character, although I've finally convinced her that a Kit/Libby/Harry love triangle is *not* the way to go, and instead she's just randomly had a one night stand with someone who she may or may not run into again. See! I always said Kit McBride was not a self-insert!

With "Pater Familias" done, the question is whether to start inching into Harry's chapter (in which I'm not sure much happens other than jealousy and some walking around the corridors of the Enterprise) or Kathryn's.

Of course, I need to just keep writing on the two chapters I've got going as it is.

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A couple of days ago, a character insisted on being named Captain Corcoran. Now I'm trying to work in "what never?" "Well, hardly ever!" into the dialogue. Somewhere.

And because I haven't given you one for a while...

Corcoran swallowed. 'Fleet politics, sir. You know how it goes. There's never an assignment without some politics surrounding it.'

Owen raised his eyebrows. 'Never?'

'Well, hardly ever. Sir.' He took a step or two backwards. 'Congratulations again, Tom. Really. And enjoy your time with your father. Sir?' He snapped off a salute to Admiral Paris, and the moment it was returned, turned on his heel and hurried out of the lounge.
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I am not well, and am falling behind. I wrote nothing yesterday, and haven't gotten further than 1000 words since about Tuesday. The end-of-today target would be over 21k: I'm not past 16k yet.

The plan for today is that each time I'm on the computer, I type at least a hundred words before I put it away again.

As I'm beginning to fade again - damn being sick, I had a really great weekend planned, too - I'd better choose a spot in which to write my words, and just write them.
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... 800-odd words of rather gratuitous sex between an f/f pairing that never before was on the cards in this series. But hey, it got some words written (and possibly has changed one entire subplot.

NaNo update

Nov. 6th, 2010 11:44 pm
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It's still mostly garbage, although I think there's some writing that's not bad, it remains to be seen what [personal profile] shayenne will think when she sees it.

Meanwhile, my GF is out drinking for the night, but having reached 11,000 (which I haven't done as I write, but will have done by the time I post) I figure it's time to hang up the laptop for the moment. NaNo goal is still possible and in sight.
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Watching my wordcount like a hawk.

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In preparation for NaNoWriMo (five and half hours away...) I have finally finished posting the Returning Saga (so far) to the AO3.

For those unaware of The Saga, I started it back in 1999, as a "homecoming" story. Seriously, it's an entire sub-genre of Voy fiction. "Returning" is very long, with individual parts for all the main crewmembers (plus my OFC), as well as three parts at the beginning and a projected three at the end (a total of sixteen chapters overall). At heart, it's a J/C fic, although there are various other pairings as well. There's romance, adventure, conspiracy, legal argument, and plenty to keep you interested.

It's fabulous (to me) to note that the Story So Far is over 100,000 words long at this point. With somewhere between a third to a half of the story written and posted, I don't think there's going to be a problem with having enough material for 50,000 words during NaNo. I've got the first two parts all blocked out. The third - Kit's - is causing me a little more difficulty so far. Of course it would.

Anyway, I need to go and work on dinner. I have many thoughts on the impendingness of NaNo and may well be back with more wordiness soon.

NaNo 2010

Oct. 28th, 2010 08:52 pm
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It was called a 'saga' for a reason.

After ten years in the Delta Quadrant, Voyager has returned home to a rather less rapturous welcome than they might have hoped. In some quarters, in fact, the welcome was downright hostile. The former Maquis crewmembers were acquitted at a Court Martial on treason charges, but the entire Voyager family find that re-integrating into Alpha Quadrant society is no easy thing.

Although they all have supporters among their families and friends, they also seem to have enemies - and in some very unexpected places. In the end, it all comes down to a single question: is coming home the wonderful thing that for so long, they thought it would be?

'Returning' was last updated in 2002, halfway through its planned run. Since then, I've often thought about working on it, but haven't. There is, in fact, no prose at all written from the end of 'Adjustments' onwards. That's what I'll be starting on November 1st.

Also, I've grown up a lot over the past eight years. I've changed. Once consequence of this is that... I actually no longer think the planned ending works at all. So I'm pondering my way towards an entirely different ending, and I'm not there yet. This could be... 'fun'.

NaNo 2010

Oct. 11th, 2010 06:44 pm
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I'm all signed up for NaNoWriMo.

Further details to follow.


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